tirsdag den 30. juni 2015



solvognen galactentacle spin(hack)doctor consists of all eyeballs are UFOs of transladybirds imploding exploding dysploding doublehalf dialectric camuoflake flirtation giant millipedes' red dark horses with billions exemploded ladybirds eyebrowswimmklimaxteri monobryn smileys among other things
cromozon ⚛+3d print me heavy with Chinese, but O⋊  x   x   5 ø˙3  ☍ ∰ x ∞d-print virtualfuture dragon
But also kind of mentioned:  instead of "let there be light" I said: "Let there be Lucifer desperanto mutants edgeTwerking the uniwerewolf existence soulloopshredder spitfires gone rapid-robutter switching itch"