lørdag den 22. november 2014


I'm the virgin Mother Mary-stretch marks Marx Mars of the reverse ... marks of Antichrist firebridging the apples high five fencerushing where the rifle desire is law love lowest the gun lust harvest larvae lava lavender brake track regretchen stress solar plexum suck or die fuck fire rocket petting the ... stretching lovefucking the galaxy-ax-axis-ear eye app sucking the night gluten-gall-golgathanic keyboarding the trees to fire-grow into the skyheaven raping the trees raping themselves to Elves elevator gating fuck faith but the inverted brake tracks in Waterfalltongues 3ddaystream-gleaming breams of fingers egg-camouflaking my Sisyphusfetus ... Draft AshMorning hack broken aliens eggs hatch catch twenty 2morrow 3marrows 4marry 55mercuries 666macarons 7777macarunners 88888maculating 999999 ... alfways eÿe am my UFOs raping trees pregnant giving birth to you

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