mandag den 21. juli 2014


Found guilty in mass raping humankind. But I denied. Because it was my broody broken terror error orbit bitch bang tip toe nose Tournesol Golgotha Tsunami Torment of Tantalus-daughter HolyHackTwerk who raped Homo sapiens total pregnant. I only raped Anders Behring Breivik pregnant. I raped his eyes, his nose, his tongue, his lips, his lungs, his liver, his whiskers, his fingers, his back, his stomach, his knees and his everything. I raped his neck heavy with child.  I raped his face heavy with child. Every single Breivik DNA-code I raped heavy with child. And soon billions and billions of ultra premature embryos broke out of their DNA-combinations. In spontaneous abortion revolt by self-caesarian-sections the embryos cut themselves out of their genome-codes.  The embryos floated and flied in transparent clouds  blended up with soul fragments and steams from mercury quicksand swamps.

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